About US

The official website for UG Media Global Digital Broadcasting. We at UG:Media help get unsigned bands or artists air play on our media platform. We have been broadcasting since May 2017 online.

Our mission is to unite unsigned artists of any genre in a global community through the internet via hosts from around the world. Company Overview  – UG Media is a platform for unsigned/undiscovered artists, of any genre from around the world to be played, promoted plugged in any way and as much as possible by ourselves either across social media or by live and podcast-ed shows via our main site or on playback.

We have unique talk shows with specialist shows such as the Mad Martin Metal show, the Husky survival show & Project twisted where unsigned and Uncensored music and content is played on the Channel UG:XL. We also have a dedicated commercial channel called UG:One were we play unsigned music alongside signed music. with specialists shows such as The UG:One Chill-Show were our host plays New-age/Chill out, Jazz and folk music for anyone who wants to relax with more shows to follow.

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