Mad Martin does Martial Arts

Every Monday is the Martial Arts show with guests and training tips currently on UG:XL but soon to be on UG:One(More details to follow) 20:00 GMT/15:00 EST/14:00 CST/21:00 CET/22:00 in South Africa and 07:00 Tuesday mornings AEDT.

Inside the Mothership

Inside the Mothership is Broadcast live weekly from Detroits Alien X Radio every Sunday Between 17:00-19:00 GMT/12:00-14:00 EST, The show is a mish Mash of music/comedy and talk hosted by Keith “Alienstone” Samland with guests.

The John Lebang Show

Hosted by Detroit’s fastest growing Alternative multimedia personality, John Lebang delivers a spicy variety of perspective and humor on America, the world and beyond. John Lebang has an unparalleled ability to entertain the listeners while engaging their minds from the edge. His creativity, characters and storytelling adds a dimension of originality that keeps listeners tuned-in every Sunday as and when on Alien X Radio, ‘Inside the Mothership Show’

Mad Martin Metal Show

UG:Medias very own Mad Martin broadcast Every Wednesday on UGXL from 20:00 GMT/15:00 EST/14:00 CST/21:00 CET/22:00 in South Africa and 07:00 Thursday mornings AEDT. UG:Medias very own exclusive unisigned Music show with new music premeres only on UG:XL.

UG:One Chill-Show

UG:Media’s Local Hippie Adam brings you a exclusive Show to UG:One, a show that is for anybody who just feels the need to relax and Chill-Out , where he plays a variety of Chill-Out and New Age music where the focus is the music and some talk, if your not relaxed after his show he has not done his job properly. UG:One every Sunday and Wednesday nights from 22:00 BST/22:00 CET/ 17:00 EDT/16:00 CDT/15:00 CST

The Husky Survivalist

Charlie ‘The Husky’ Grover brings an exclusive unique show only on the UG:Media Network on our UG:XL channel, where he talks about survival tips, technique’s and gear for when you are camping to keep you safe and warm in the great big wilderness (more details to follow)

The Sports Lounge

The sports lounge is another exclusive show to the UG:Media Network a show hosted in the form of a podcast with live broadcast once in while from our friend Christian Gary in Houston Texas, where he talks about everything sporty from Wrestling to Baseball and American Football plus other sports, a show where you can relax and have a drink with a friend down the pub.(more details to follow) 

The Charles Richardson Show

Evary Friday, The Charles Richardson Show  hits UG Media Tune in Live for Uncensored, Unedited, and Unmature Radio . Charles and the gang chews up what life throws at you…and spits it out. like yesterdays sprout and cabbage dinner LIVE Fridays 7pm GMT/ 2pm EST From Rhode Island USA, catch The Charles Richardson Show on the UG:XL and on TuneIn

DJ Danny Jays Dance Anthems

Every Saturday night from 20:00 GMT/15:00 EST our resident DJ Danny Jay Broadcast his Dance and Trance Anthems Show to start you weekend of partying off to a ‘Banging’ start. join Danny Jay live via your laptop,Tablet, Mobile Phone and via our website 

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