The all new : Mad Martin Metal Show

The Mad Martin Metal Show every Wednesday from 19:00 UK GMT, 20:00 CET 14:00 EDT and 13:00 CST/CDT where he is playing the best unsigned and new Premires from artists around the world with a  helping of Parody and real news chucked in for good mesure.

Adams Alternative Music Show

Coming soon from UGHQ, a new and exclusive show for our UG:One channel, Adams Alternative Music Show Wednesday Evenings 19:00 GMT, 20:00 CET 14:00 EDT and 13:00 CST/CDT further updates soon.

That Survival Show

That Survival Show. This show is in pre production more details coming soon

The Stephen Foster Show

The Stephen Foster show, Direct from Muscle Shoals, sweet home Alabama, Tune in Sundays 12 noon UK Time for Country, Soul, Americana and more..

The Charles Richardson Show

Evary Friday, The Charles Richardson Show  hits UG Media Tune in Live for Uncensored, Unedited, and Unmature Radio . Charles and the gang chews up what life throws at you…and spits it out. like yesterdays sprout and cabbage dinner LIVE Fridays 7pm GMT/ 2pm EST From Rhode Island USA, catch The Charles Richardson Show on the UG:XL and on TuneIn

Dance Anthems & Trance Essentials

DJ Danny Jay kicks off the night with his Dance Anthems from 18:30 UK Time live Then it’s Trance Essentials starting off with DJ Banging Mick live from Lanzarote.

Followed by Acid Arrow from Syria and Ty Carter bringing Trans Essentials to a close, bringing 3 DJ’s from 3 countries together.

The John Lebang Show

Hosted by Detroit’s fastest growing Alternative multimedia personality, John Lebang delivers a spicy variety of perspective and humor on America, the world and beyond. John Lebang has an unparalleled ability to entertain the listeners while engaging their minds from the edge. 

Inside the Mothership

Inside the Mothership is Broadcast live weekly from Detroits Alien X Radio every Sunday

Between17:00-19:00GMT/12:00-14:00 EST,The show is a mish Mash of music/comedy and talk with your host Alienstone & D-Unit

The Monday Morning Mad-Cast

Mr Alienstone brings you another galactic size show , direct from outer space and into your brain, it’s the Attack of the Monday Morning Mad cast, bringing you a lighthearted wake up call with 3 hrs of music and talk 2pm UK Time / 9am EST

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