Go Fund Us !!

We have pushed the boat out and gone and done us a gofundme

Because of the demand we have had to be more of a physical entity, we have come up with this… all details are in the outlay of it in the campaign itself, but it’s for premises for us , so we can operate fully as what we should be, also community projects, charitable endevours not just here in the UK, but whereever our hosts are…and that good people means anywhere in the world…

Also equipment/technology to bring you more quality programming and entertainment.

We have a few places in mind where we would like to give UG Media a fully fledged home, what we would like to give back to the community plus all sorts of amazing thing including helping bands, groups and artists perform abroad and bring international bands, artists here to the UK.

With lots on the cards coming with more news to follow, you will not be disappointed.

So please, go fund us and let us entertain you !!!


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