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Gin Annie 100% Proof Review

today26/01/2019 54

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By MadMartin – UG Media 2019

With Rocks rich tapestry well woven into the mists of time & history, rock music has been coming and going in many forms over the past 50 to 60 years with its origins firmly in the grasp of the blues, the UK has been no stranger in kicking out into the world bands that have taken the world by storm and I believe Gin Annie are no exception and have certainly defined their brand of rock n roll with many techniques in each song and a show of vocal talents in this new well produced and put together album, this musical delight brings a mixture of driving grooves & hard beats along with solid emotion.

David’s vocals on each track tells a different story on its own, shifts a different light and brings multiple levels of attitude along for the ride as well, what rock band would be without someone on percussion and Jack certainly brings out the big guns that makes his presence felt in every way with different tempos and outstanding fills and great uses of that double pedal that kept my foot tapping and my head bopping throughout, solid Bass lines from Phil keeping the beat and giving no question on why he’s called the ‘Hammer’, a band can’t go on without guitars and Byron & Brian bring together amazing harmony and unity , mixed with outstanding melody completes the band .

That’s the overview out of the way, so let’s take a look at the album in detail shall we ?

Track # 1 ‘Love aint here‘ begins with a tuning in radio with a nice build up followed with a fast tempo to a nice steady head bopping foot tapping tempo with great heavy bass and their trademark catchy grooves, very R’n’R, I particularly like the subtle use of vocal effect in David’s smooth moving lyrics and a nice chorus, I find the clean vocals a nice touch to such a heavy tune.

#2 brings this punching track ‘Next 2 Me’ – With a nice use of pinch harmonics with the intro,  and a face melter of a solo this driving song is definite to get any party going. Once again there is a nice vocal effect subtly going on there, nice punchy bridge, there is certainly a lot going on in this very tight track, lasting over 6 minutes …. Can you believe that ? Outstanding.

This next track, ‘Dead & Gone’ (#3) puts goose bumps on me it’s that damn good ….. and that’s rare!! nice mix of elements in the solo as well, outstanding track .

#4 brings ‘New Bad Habit’ …. this is another very heavy/strong song, that brings Phil ‘The Hammer’ out on top, once again very driving with a nice feedback ending with solid fills by Jack throughout …. I like that.

In at #5 is the track ‘Damage is done’ – Instantly thinking of an ac/dc influence here with a haunting reminder of the late Malcolm Young’s rhythm attributes, this great high paced strong track is a must for the summer… another party anthem ? maybe 😉

6 ‘Fallin’ This was the first track and first instance that i was introduced to with via the good people at TMR Band Management, and it gave me great pleasure in giving it a spin for the first time on my show, the newest song to the Gin Annie musical arsenal, and its impressive to say the least.

Track #7  is ‘Chains‘ – What can i say about this track, it’s fantastic, this brings no doubt why Gin Annie are a winner and a definite headliner in the future, with coming up trumps at Hard Rock Hell in 2018 with signing up to Off yer rocka records as a result, with them, this makes this album possible. great tune, nice melody, smooth & beautifully blended lyrics and a great outro makes this my ultimate fave on the album.

#8 ‘All I Want’ is a catchy bad ass track with a great heavy rhythm with subtle smooth changes between the chorus and main body of the song and brings all the talent of the band in this big sounding attribute with a nice sweet lead solo to boot.

#9 Haunt Me –

Every RnR album has a ballad and this is no exception,  this very meaningful track has the nice touch of the piano, a very emotional track , Gin Annie as a band have gone through alot, this is no secret, and this track definitely shows the humanity and the guts of the band on display and also shows the glue that bonds such great talent together both on stage and off.  This tack definitely is Haunting, with a special tip of the hat to producer Jay Shredder who features on piano.

10 Born to rock n roll-

A nice cheeky track in my opinion with a cool tip of the hat to legends ZZ Top and AC/DC. This good time song, like their live performances, brings a great end to an amazing album.

Ok … That’s it, my review of this 10 track debut, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little read …. I fully recommend this album, it has everything you need and their acoustic versions are immense…!! It could even convert the non Rock believers 😉

Definitely 100% Proof ……..

And you can catch Gin Annie live from the dates below as well as tonight at the Slade Rooms for their album launch.

You can also get Gin Annie’s 100% Proof on all major streaming sites (also see below).–SGffdQ

Written by: ugadmin

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